In general: Because goose's flowers are closely connected with the childhood, they show as a rule innocence and cleanness. Psychologically: The flower of the Umschuld and childish naturalness - who picks them in the dream must not necessarily own these qualities - rather he has seen it on it. Sometimes also a hidden aggression dream: One feels irritated from a much too 'good', naive person. Particularly when one tears out the innocent little flowers dreamt-wise or niedermäht. In the dream the daisy can also stand for the psychological awakening of the dreaming. Spiritually: The daisy is a symbol of spiritual cleanness. Popular: (European ones).: is the symbol of the innocence and means loyal love, - one manages happy time, - everything, a bunch: if sadness, promises are on a meadow with blossoming goose's flowers and the sun seems and the birds twitter: it will join luck, health and wealth with each other and accompany lifelong to one, see beyond the suitable season: this will break Nastily upon one. (See also flowers)