Psychologically: Who cannot see the end in a dark way, is in a crisis from which he is able to do himself only with effort heraustasten. The way can also mean a station on our life and circumscribe the desperation which grasps the dreaming with the question which door he should open to come out of a blind situation. Popular: (arab).: more darkly: Worries, hall in the house: up to the success it still lasts for a while, in the garden: you have fixed your matter. (European ones).: more darkly: if nothing good announces, - he brightens, everything will turn to the best, go by a dark one: one will have to master in close future difficulties alone, go by a brightly enlightened one: one will get a lot of support and gain good experience with friends, must go by one through and at the end leave him: the evil will be easily got over. (ind).: more darkly: any thing bothers you. (See also darkness, narrowness, hall,' door')