Psychologically: Football is most popular of all sports and refers as a dream symbol to normality up to the honesty. Today on the other side it moves more and more Geschäftsmacherei big to a symbol. It is also a symbol for playful fight mind or aggressive play desire. For fans maybe also no symbol, you wish your club the victory. Only dreamt? Football can symbolise a too careless, negligent life setting which one should change. If football is played in the dream, professional success will appear at more conscientious work. If one is, besides, only a spectator, one will soon dispose of unexpected energy, - however, one plays himself, one takes lightly in reality a thing which is absolutely serious. Popular: (arab).: you is careless and will be thereby abused and suffer damage. (European ones).: symbol for carelessness, worry about the fact that one does not finish the work, play and lose: one will neglect his work, play and win or score a goal: good sign, watch a play: if brings participation in sporty events, see themselves as a spectator: Hardship, possibly in connection with a friend expect, goal: if no defeat contains, however, a deferment. (ind).: is not so frivolously in the life. (See also sport)