Psychologically: Can freeze with chronically irritated, nervous and overtaxed people as a warning sign of a Ɯberreizung of the nervous system appear and then about possible illnesses as a result warn. It is also the fear of colds which arise from freezing which one translates as a fruit before incommodities. However, with freezing the freezing of a long-standing friendship can be also meant. If the cold feeling is due only to a more external physical irritant effect, it cannot be mostly included in the interpretation, unless, other symbols would require this. Other meanings arise from the following accompanying circumstances: freeze often points out to the fact that one may suppress feelings not excessively and control because one freezes to death, otherwise, 'emotionally'. another can see freezing register that one will break off a feeling respect which has 'cooled off' bit by bit. revival of a got frostbite person maybe asks resume an uncompleted respect with another. Popular: (arab).: you is lonesome and longs for friendship. (European ones).: nervous irritation indicates itself with uncomfortableness. Care before the weather! even: if a cold tells in, see somebody, while one has it warmly: one will maintain a sick person, save a got frostbite person: one will regain a friend who has left. (See also freezing)