Psychologically: If in a dream darkness rules, can refer to the difficulties that the dreaming cannot consider himself from a distance and with it more objectively. Darkness is interpreted like darkness above all as a token for an opaque situation which one must illuminate, - this can refer to external circumstances, but register also lacking self-knowledge. Under circumstances points out by mental disturbances in the reality to the fact that one needs a psychotherapy. If the dreaming sees himself in his dream of darkness surrounded, while other people stand in the light, then this can be a tip to a forthcoming depressive phase. The other way round possibly owns of the dreaming knowledge which helps the people of his sphere to form her life better. Spiritually: Darkness in the dream refers as a rule to the present of the bad person. Popular: (arab).: walk around in more complete in it: Need and desperation, - troubled times will come, - one gives you no trust, from more completely be surrounded to recognise without beam of light: one is afraid of the death, wander through without shyness: the prospects of success in occupation and private life are distinguished, recognise a small beam of light in it: one will get to know a helpful person who will help one to overcome several difficulties, - receive help in the need. dark ways run through: one is afraid of enemies who pursue to one, - also: the dark passageway is a test to prove itself in which we to us and afterwards again will step in the light. (European ones).: the mental situation which can be changed only by third - one feels defenceless and should pull near help, hineingeraten: Need, misery and worries, are in it and then see light or the sun: if luck means after a misfortune, - one will receive in a predicament help, are in such: one will need the advice more different, in a subterranean vault in such be: one has to expect an attack on his person, with many people together in it be: if a conspiracy tells against the state in. (ind).: war and bad times become apparent, hineingeraten: you will be got involved in disputes, reach from it to the light: you will be saved from a danger. (See also darkness)