medicine wheel: Key words: Wonderfully, - immediately to bell, - heart, - curative. Description: The thimble (digitalis purpurea) is a plant which comes from Europe, however, has spread out with the time also in the United States. It is a wonderful two-year-old plant which becomes half to one and a half metres high, with mostly violet similar to bell, sometimes, however, also white blossoms. From the petals the toxic digitalis which has proved itself, nevertheless, with right dosage as a remedy against heart problems is won. General meaning: Healer of the heart, - care with all what concerns the heart, - care with too high dosage of a good thing. Association: Thimble, - finger, are on the alert! Transcendent meaning: A gift to the healing of old injuries, - a gift of the love. Popular: (European ones).: these pretty flowers are looked as a luck-promising omen. (See also flowers)