Psychologically: a lift the contact of the dreaming with information symbolises as a rule. an abwärtsfahrender lift, for example, points to the fact, that the dreaming in the unconscious hinuntersteigt. an aufwärtsfahrender lift carries the dreaming up to the spirituality again. Some people think that one leaves his body in the sleep, - an image which can be also reflected in the lift as a dream symbol. with the lift get stuck symbolised that the dreaming does not get on in his spiritual development. Popular: (arab).: early senility, sign for strong rest need. (European ones).: start in one: quickly respect and prosperity attain, go in one down: the misfortune will knock down to one, see driving one down and think, one stays behind: one will escape by the skin of the teeth a disappointment, a standing one: if menacing danger, promises stick in one: have shortly a frustrating experience. (See also