Psychologically: Who sees himself or another on the ferry which shows his life ship like the ship, a change wants to cause in short time in his existence, head for a new aim and abandon everything what seemed desirable before. Because a ferry is able to transport a big number of people, she can also symbolise a group which the dreaming belongs - a group which is in the layout. Ferry connects two shores with each other and, therefore, can be understood as the bridge, - however, besides, it depends above all on own strains. The ferry often also registers that one leaves behind feelings, settings, ideals, hopes, intentions, aims and behaviour patterns, develops, strives mental-spiritually to new shores, - this enriches the life, however, also unnerves. In the Greek mythology the ferry is a symbol for the death. In the old legend the ferry brings the dreaming over the river Styx which shows the border between life and death, and is with it a picture for radical, even for existential changes. Spiritually: The ferry in the dream stands for the 'spiritual death' or for changes of every kind. She connects both shores like a bridge. Popular: (arab).: meant the crossing of the life to the death. are carried by one about the water: a good sign for our development, - (18, 45) (European ones).: one is surrounded by danger, - one should undertake nothing what other should not know and one should not go for a walk unnecessary-wise by rivers, go in it: if a trip with small obstacles and undesirable stay announces. (See also sea, ship)