Psychologically: In the dream Buddha shows the denial or the loss of the Ichs. It is necessary to escape from the thinking and desire. Buddha (mostly as a statue) can stand for the collective unconscious, for wisdom, advice and help, - then he is understood in general as a luck symbol for the next time. If one adores the statue, one probably has a concern, however, does not dare to speak of it with others. Now and again Buddha also registers that one is influenced too strongly from the outside, by a dominant, honoured and idealised personality and should avoid him again. If one dreams, one is a Buddhist, then it is important to keep the differences between western and eastern religion before eyes. Spiritually: At this level the Buddha means spiritual clarity. Popular: (European ones).: see or statue: one is afraid of the suggestive influence of a person from whom one cannot avoid, adore: one would like to say a person what one has on the heart, but one will not venture it, are appealed by one: it will stamp in an unexpectedly favorable event. (See also 'religious pictures')