Artemidoros: The break means a damage, first because of the equivalence (Kele = to break = 20 + 8 + 30 + 8 = 66, - Zemia = damage = 7 + 8 + 40 + 10 + 1 = 66), secondly because everything what becomes overgrown to the body and his beauty or strength not increases but on the contrary his good shape diminishes, damage and worries registers. Now the break is a suffering, namely in the genitals, so he does not mean less ihretwegen grief and pain. Popular: (arab).: of the axis: Danger or misfortune, of the leg: you are hindered in your enterprises, of dishes: Luck in the play. (European ones).: break something: health problems agree or quarrel, other see breaking something: there threaten irreconcilable disagreements, break an object: very bad sign, the health concerning for himself or others. (ind).: if you are clever, one cannot deceive you, of glass: you have luck and can look again of full hopes in the future.