In general: Messenger symbolises news, news and surprises, - handing over of a letter by him should be unfavorable after old dream books, all the other things promise pleasant news. Whether he brings luck or misfortune, must be opened from other symbols, like his clothes colour. Popular: (arab).: see, comes: you will receive long-expected news, get a letter of him: news will be connected with involvements and excitement, goes: you must still shift your trip. (European ones).: see: if is the bearer of the surprises which mostly disappoint own expectation if he brings a letter: disagreeable news, if he brings something else (present, package): pleasant surprise, go even on errand: if harmony and mutual understanding promises in domestic circles, she will lose Sending a young woman a messenger, to your lover, because she walks towards his wishes with indifference. (ind).: your wishes will come true, because you get an unexpected message. (See also 'mailmen')