Psychologically: The bouquet in the dream registers that the dreaming disposes of many talents. If the dreaming receives a bouquet in his dream, this shows that he recognises his own abilities, but also expected that other they pay. If the dreaming gives a bouquet to another person, knows this on it there about that he sees his good qualities. If one sends in the dream to somebody a bouquet, hands or gets even one, one should also ascertain who was the other person in the dream - somebody whom one respects, loves or pities, - or from which one wishes, loves - that he to one or estimates, - or somebody who has more for, for the rest, than one believes in the alert state. Spiritually: Because of his beauty and because of his connection with festivities a bouquet can symbolise a spiritual offer. Popular: (arab).: announces big joy, - luck in the love, of a female being to a male one hands: Reply of his inclinations. (European ones).: bouquet promises a continual love relationship or friendship, more wonderfully and more colorfully: Inheritance of a rich and unknown relative, as well as amusing meetings with young people, more wilted: if means illness and death, bind: Dear luck. (ind).: in the love you will be happy.