medicine wheel: Key words: In the water at home, - powerful swimmers. Description: Trout is the name which was given to a row by salmon-like fish which can differ in colouring, size, life-style strongly of each other, likes generally as a food fish. To best known ones is the rainbow trout who is bred worldwide, but also it seems free-living in brooks, rivers and lakes. General meaning: A part of itself which feels fine in the water, - a part of you who is with your feelings in the harmony, - an aspect of your being which is fed by the water. Association: Trout "blue", - trout »miller of kind«. Transcendent meaning: Messages about the rivers and lakes of the world, - a blessing by the water beings. Psychologically: The cheerful fish in the clear water of a brook circumscribes the joy of life of the dreamer, his springlebendige kind with which he delights his environment. Popular: (arab).: see in a clear brook or pond: happy states, - professional advantages can enjoy, - you have luck and success in dear things, - good health, catch one: it expects to one an amorous adventure, - you win in the play or in the lottery, catch in large quantities: Luck in the lottery have, eat: one may build on his abilities and will succeed, - a secret will be ventilated, - also: you become rich and are looked. (European ones).: old age, health and cheerfulness, - the luck is on the move, will increase - the property, in clear water: a big joy will arrive, - very stable health, in the murky water: if is expression of unhappy love, cooked trouts: Festivity in view, eat: one will live in good relations, consume one: must count on bad news, with the hand or the net catch: unexpected monetary blessing, - promises prosperity, fish: Friends and income are sure to one, she jumps back in the water: the property is only from short duration. (ind).: eat: you will receive sad news. (See also Bach, fish, salmon)