Psychologically: In myths and fairy tales person and gods could enchant her sound ('The magic flute') - they is valid as a symbol for harmony luck and joy of life. Many music instruments - in particular wind instruments - refer to extreme feelings, to temptations and flatteries. Because of her form the flute is valid as a symbol of male power, but she can also embody pain. A very well-balanced being is also sometimes expressed in the flute. flute often warns about a deception or to strong influencing of others. Who hears playing at a distance the flute, has longing for a dear person. this should point out Blowing one them themselves, to problems in a love relationship. indicates Now and then them as a phallic symbol sexual needs. Spiritually: At the spiritual level the flute stands in the dream for sky music. Artemidoros: On complaint flutes blow meant grief or a grief which amounts to the grief, and heaps sick people away. On a pipe flute blow, each brings luck, likewise if one plays the flute with the drink victim. Popular: (arab).: see: with flatterers get to act, hear blowing: watch out for processes, blow: a process lose. (pers).: Somebody in the dream flute to see playing and/or a herald of good news is to be heard. To play even the flute, a time of the grief announces. In general the symbol urges, to be more adaptable and to come accordingly at the varying demands of the life. (European ones).: see playing or hear dissonant ones: Difficulties, - should indicate a misfortune, - brings disappointments, - also: clarify cheerful flute tones hear: there comes to a pleasant meeting with remotely living friends and profitable enterprises, play: very favorable omen, Playing a young woman flute, she will fall in love very much because her lovers behave very well. (ind).: hear: you are deceived in your expectations, blow: you have lovesickness. (See also wind instruments, music instruments)