Psychologically: Lilac circumscribes feelings, the longing for love and tenderness and the colour is important. Besides, it often concerns romantic love which can be out-of-touch a little. Wilted lilac announces a dear disappointment, the lilac bush often a frivolous love affair. Popular: (arab).: blossoms see: the love approaches, is close - an engagement or wedding, - (22, 35) smell: Dear joys, - dear awakening, lilac tree tea: you have hurt a dear person. (European ones).: symbol of the offered love, also of the longing for an offer, see: one has longing for love and affection, see wilting: if a disillusionment brings after a love affair, pick: one will get admirers or female admirers with romantic disposition, fragrant: if a surprise promises, - awaking love and romantic feelings registers, stand under a lilac bush: if means a careless love affair, receive a lilac bunch given: if a declaration of love tells in. (See also colours, Violet of, 'white')