Psychologically: In the psychology are valid for spots mostly as the 'dark places' in the feeling area, and very alike they are also to be interpreted in the dream: It is mostly about feelings of guilt, unadmitted mistakes and incriminating secrets - or around a rather embarrassing situation in which one stands there really or in the figurative sense 'stained'. A spot, above all on the clothes, are the dark points on the soul which make us uncertainly. There can appear in it, however, also a carelessly unconventional life setting with which one possibly offends other. A dirty spot on a blank sheet paper often warns against doing something in the next time which is not simply quite correct. Popular: (arab).: in the body: Sadness and sullenness, in clothes: the coming worries, - one wants to stain your honour, - also: one should check his habits or behaviour patterns in own interest, because one could make on his environment an unfavorable impression, in materials: the beginning for the success is in your hand, only in the dream which come along: one will have to count on difficult annoyance with which one should watch out for intemperance, on the ground: your inattentiveness brings danger, in the sun or moon: Frights. (European ones).: have in the hands or clothes: to themselves around unimportant things worries make, - also: one ventilates his secret, before it comes by another to the daylight and causes misunderstandings, on clothes or skin see more different: points to deception, - also: blotchy clothes: Scandal for the bearer, of fat have in the clothes: if means rich marriage, other spots: Offer of a higher position which one should accept, from dirt on clothes and other objects: Incommodities, grief etc.,- make: one will do a lapse, of smallpox: one will close a good acquaintance. (See also dress, clothes)