Psychologically: Small boat is interpreted as boat, however, expresses in this connection that one behaves awkwardly and thereby complicates the life needlessly. Basically he can always indicate a favorable change with which it leads the way, nevertheless, only slowly. Popular: (arab).: see: your plans order themselves, - you look after secret hope, on murky water see: soon suffer a loss of his property, capsize: your hopes do not come true, see sinking: the end of hearty relations, - loss of the love, other see rising in one: important plans can be realised if one trusts in the advice more different, fall from it in the water: Capital loss, - in it drive: to his destiny which is to be interpreted according to the current and the oar skill go towards. also: you are in search of new experiences. cross with it happily a lovely river: one will happily overcome the momentary difficulties. (European ones).: one is ready to take a risk to make progress, - also: one is to be undertaken in the concept a trip, - is careful, go in one: Change to the good is to be expected, old: announces an accident, more nicely: a proud wish will come true to you, with one cross a tearing river: one is at the moment in big difficulties, however, this will happily be able to master. (ind).: go: you want to go on a trip and dare not only to go. (See also boat)