Psychologically: Though verbal term of abuse can be now and again a valve for our feelings, however, leads seldom to direct results, except that it makes everything only bad. A dream with verbal insult by another can be then easily a warning that one wastes energy only pointlessly. Popular: (arab).: somebody: You feel unsafe and try to cover it. However, one notices your feebleness and uses them. A disagreeable time. become: Now you yourself see that it was not right and that now the damage is there. Still something is to be saved if you do not hesitate. also: watch out for quarrel in the house. (European ones).: become: Annoyance with house inhabitants, feel insulted: are affected by the hostility more different, insult a person: Their matters will not be blest by the luck, - you will lose money by excessive stubbornness in the business, Hearing a young woman terms of abuse, so she will get in the spell of a jealous person. If you helps itself of this language, it will have to count on exclusions, - it will be fulfilled because of her bad behaviour by disgrace and regret. (ind).: become: you are involved in a court thing.