Psychologically: The energy and determination with which of the dreaming decisions hits is a good base for his energy to make headway in his development. Petrol in the dream stands for motivation and energy admission. It mostly points to a spirited, slightly irritable, passionate being. then Dreaming one, for example, to fill up a car can point out this to the fact that one should look maybe more after his body. petrol is slightly ignitable and dangerous, - the dreaming uses his energy in risky manner, then it can easily come for injuries and problems. If the petrol burns, it is understood as a favorable sign for a feeling respect which will exist, however, probably not long. A petrol explosion can admonish to rein more the ├╝berschie├čende temperament, so that one brings on no dangers. Spiritually: Petrol can symbolise spiritual energy and spiritual strength. Popular: (arab).: refuel: Your fury and your rancour in your person grows, because you him all guilt give to your failure. If you act so further, you must count on a bad end. (European ones).: you are danger, from fire as well as from disputes - on the care before both, - also: are confronted by own striving with new duties, see: slightly being aroused passion going out, but as fast again, see the burning: an amusing entertainment is in view. (See also filling station)