Psychologically: Hatchet has a similar meaning like the ax, - it can warn above all about damage by devastating own energy and actions, but announce also success by hard work. Old dream books understand the hatchet now and then as a tip to the fact that one must separate from certain hopes, - which would have brought anyway only disadvantages with themselves, above all if one holds it in the hand. A recumbent hatchet can also bring recognition. Popular: (arab).: see: is careful, danger threatens you at all places, in the hand: consider well what you do, and slowly goes forward, then you have no damage, see lying: you will bring it to respect. (European ones).: see: is valid as a token of a forthcoming danger, worries or grief, - shameless waste will put out you to the underhand plans of envious people, see drag a hatchet or trailing: points to quarrel and quarrel, with one work: good advancement, other with a hatchet see working: advises against closing fast friendship, rusty or broken: failed people will cause grief to you. (ind).: what you have planned will not come true, is glad, because you would have had only annoyance. (See also ax)