Psychologically: Mug (cup) symbolises the fullness of the life possibilities which arise from the personality and the living conditions. One can stretch from it general conclusions in the way, how a person with his qualities maintained and achieved. How did he look then? Clear and clear like glass or 'enigmatically' - how the poison mug in the bad fairy tale? A warning dream: Care, more exactly look if one gets a little bit friendly offered. However, the 'message' is much sometimes more banal: One is thirsty and simply dreams of the drinking. A vessel from which one drinks and one should pay attention with the interpretation also to the drink. Beside this, from the individual living conditions dependent more low-pressure area-prospecting interpretation there are still some more frequent ones the meanings which can arise from the following accompanying circumstances in the dream: from a noble cup should drink sick people quick perfect recovery promise. one gets as a gift a mug, can approach an honour, a victory or strong property increase. a broken mug should point to an illness, however, sometimes he will also indicate the break of an interpersonal respect which affects the other life favourably. of empty mugs often registers that one leads a scanty life which neglects many chances and possibilities. of overrunning mugs can warn about immoderation, Verzettelung of the forces or very premature, rash actions. one rejects a full mug, insists the danger that one does not use a presented chance. Popular: (arab).: see: Symbol of the luck and the health, - (9, 32) breaks he or has broken he: the luck and the health dwindles, see drinking themselves from one or if to us is drunk: The health will further harden, - sick people may hope for quick recovery, from one drink: good relations will please you, upset a full one and bury his contents: you kick your luck with feet, a golden one: one avoids all gluttony, completely wine: You will have happy hours with friends. completely poison: You have enemies who want to destroy you. blank: You win over your competitors and most sluggishly the luck already in the pocket. tipple: Take time to the rest, otherwise your strength is not sufficient for the plan. (European ones).: see: is moderate, drink from it: forthcoming good time, from a pure one see drink or drinking themselves: strengthened health, - for sick people: quick recovery and new vitality, from a dirty one drink: bad health, from him drink wine: nice times come, of silver receive: a big event, of gold: your arrogance brings you damage, from a golden or silver one drink: if brings recovery, reject one to the drink to passed ones: heavy breakdown in the life, see breaking: Care, an illness or a misfortune could come up on one, break: Death of an enemy, pour out of it a liquid or a broken mug: is valid for illness, perhaps death, get as a gift one: to honour climb up, inheritance or also that an anniversary stands in view, an empty mug: should point to an empty purse, chock-full more full: points to monetary increase. (ind).: thinks of your future, drink from it: good hours are given you, break: your rival will have to go and you will be happy, overfull: is not premature, one knows who you are and will appreciate you. (See also cup, cup)