Psychologically: According to the circumstances given in the dream it can symbolise either poverty, modesty, return on the ground of the facts or sensuous freedom if the dreaming is barefooted. Spiritually: At the spiritual level Barfüssigkeit stands for humility or for sure ground. Popular: (arab).: in general: one searches the contact with the ground and wants to regain the instinct with the life, run: Weakness of the body and misfortune, go: One wishes you all bad, you have enemies if you do not pay attention, you come around having and property. go by water: Illness. (European ones).: barefoot go often promises better health, above all when one goes in the clear cold water, go in the clear water: good views for the future, go barefoot because one cannot find his shoes: one fears to lose his life basis, At night go with torn clothes: one can easily get in need and misery, during the day: you will come to respect, - the health makes amends, go in the dewy grass: very good meaning, - the possibilities are very promising, on stones go which hurt one: in an enterprise difficulties are to be expected, others see going: one goes his own ways, does not copy everything and success will soon appear. (See also 'foot', 'footprint', 'earth', 'shoes')