In general: Barber (hairdresser) is understood in old dream books as a warning of wrong people from whom one do not 'soap' themselves (are deceptive and cheat) make had to go, - this has to go in particular cases absolutely taken seriously. Artemidoros: Is to be let care by a barber for each without exception to good meaning, - then one is able with a slight letter change from 'doctoring' 'amusing' (Karenai - charenai) make, and indeed nobody goes to the barber who is in a bad clip or during the misfortune, but only people, the big value lay on a cultivated appearance, - however, only those can afford this which live without worries and have the necessary means. It means expressly 'from a barber', because if to itself one worries who is not himself from the guild, it forecasts to him grief over relatives or a sudden stroke of fate which brings big sufferings with itself. Since people who are struck by the misfortune are in habit to cut off to themselves the hair. Popular: (arab).: see: one watches out for Klatscherei, go to the barber: it is a time to fix your matter, are shaved by him: a lot of annoyance by clap, leave: Your assurance grows and therefore also your success and your luck. are connected by him: big affliction. (European ones).: registers Klatscherei, of him shaves or to be soaped: watch out for deception, - one comes to damage, as a remedial assistant: indicates at indisposition. Seeing a young woman a barber, her property, even if increases only slightly. (ind).: shaving: watch out for a deception! soaping: a not expected inconvenience, laughing: Falseness is on the way to you, telling: one wants to find out from you further details. (See also hairdresser)