Psychologically: If a bank appears in the dream seat opportunity, it symbolises rest, rest and relaxation or the longing for it. Dreamt by older people, the park-bench is often an expression of the wish 'to become old with each other' and to have still much (peaceful) time for each other. If one sits on a bank outside, maybe in a snug bower, the readiness registers sometimes for an erotic adventure. Who sits on a bank, waits for a person who understands him. Often one dreams of a bench if one does not come in the living together with his partner to the fulfilment which one hopes. Popular: (arab).: see or on it sit: a quiet life lead, - also: allow yourselves rest, otherwise you have not grown to the job which comes up to you. (European ones).: lie on it or sit: Rest, rest, health, on one sit which radiates the sun and person pass in: one will soon make new acquaintances, on it with others sit: mistrust debtors and confidants, other see sitting on it: The friends who have fallen out by a misunderstanding will meet again, on one sit outside: Love affairs approach. (ind).: with little talent can develop your life well. (See also 'piece of furniture', 'chair')