Psychologically: To whom in the dream balm is put on whose psyche will recover because he can trust in his environment. Popular: (arab).: hang up: for ill recovery, for healthy fulfilment of the most ardent wishes, - your worries are taken by you, balm smells breathe: you will have a pleasant life. (pers).: the monotony in which form balm seems in the dream - he is a favorable symbol for the improvement of the state of health or the financial situation, at the same time, however, a warning of carelessness. It urges to give more attention to the health and the sources of income. Since the dreaming inclines to neglect these things if it goes well to him. (European ones).: indicates luck, - can calculate good health, - on stable social relations, - a carefree time, dream of pleasant smells: Profit. (See also ointment)