Association: - Self-controlled charm, - culture. Question: - Where in my life my strength accepts forms? How would like I to express this? Psychologically: Ballet stands for discipline and achievement, but also for compulsion and drill. It is a sign for the readiness to adjust itself, or, however, sign of the internal defence. If one sees a ballet presentation in the dream, this indicates that it can be absolutely from big advantage, in the situations which stand in a queue in the next time to let free run to his spontaneous feelings. Thus the tensions with the partner can be got rid, e.g., also best of all. Popular: (arab).: see: one can count on big disappointment, see dancing: it will get to be careful compared with the other gender, - your heart floats in the winds completely luck, dance together: Warning before a seduction. (European ones).: see see or dancing: one should be careful not to be cheated, - you will experience deceptions from a person from whom one has made a slip a lot, dance together even in one: now one can be easily enticed - or entice himself, - now one should deliver no empty promises, one is tuned too frivolously, a man sees itself as a dancer in a ballet: now in Him awakes a 'gigolo' or 'Don Juan'. (See also 'ball (dance)', 'dance')