Association: - Ball: Integration, - entirety. Ball game: Integration of the individual and collective consciousness. Healthy competition. Question: - Ball: Which parts of my being do I unite? Ball game: What would like I to participate in? In which group do I adapt myself? Psychologically: There is no perfect body! If the dreaming takes part in a ball game (see also 'plays'), he is aware of his need according to an order as well as after freedom. Ball games remind on the one hand of the childhood and are also associated with rest and spare time. On the other hand the fight for the ball or right treatment of the ball shows always also an erotic symbol. It is important for the more exact interpretation to characterise the way of the ball game and to cover to own life setting. The ball to the play is translated like the ball (see there) an entirety symbol, comparably to the earth ball and the solar ball: the psychic energy advisable in movement. Who plays in the dream with the ball, something can also lose or can be made to the match ball of his feelings, get stuck on a thing which is worth the application not really. Often we believe light play to have, but one will hit to us just then maybe a trick. As in the fairy tale of the frog prince in which the golden ball plays a key role the ball in the dream is a symbol for change or change processes with the dreaming. Ball (ball) can stand for the destiny which joins in to us willy nilly, - however, partly he also symbolises the totality of a personality which is closed in itself. Depending on what happens with the ball the following meanings arise: A ball to follow, points to a need for freedom, however, refers also to the fluorescent side of the personality. a ball game can indicate a turn, with the concurrent uncertainty in which direction the luck will bend. Who fun has in the ball game, also has fun in the sex, but of whom the ball slips out permanently, often changes the partner or it is not maybe contently with his respect. a goal with a football can score as a tip to a chance are interpreted which one may not miss because one hits the mark, besides. Becoming one of a ball grieved, meet maybe soon the mood of the destiny, - mostly this is an unfavorable portent. The floppy or vacuous ball sometimes points to contradictoriness in the personality which is not rounded, however, lack of energy and energy can also register. Appearing a yellow ball in the dream play, one remembers circle, ball, plays)