Association: - The river of the feelings. Question: - Which feelings may flow unhindered in me? Psychologically: Dream analysts understand Bach today above all as the run of the life. A brook with fresh source water is also signs of a mental recovery process and a mental refreshment. Against it a dried out brook bed shows a warning of the soul. It requires an investment in optimism and trust. the other interpretations which partially decrease to old springs arise from the special accompanying circumstances: one drives down him, points in the future. driving up in the direction of spring indicates against it in the past. the opposition and the bigger strain linked with it which often appear against the examination into edged out former experiences drives symbolised against the stream. against the stream can swim also register that one cannot adapt himself and will experience, therefore, over and over again problems. this should point out Bathing one in the brook, to quick recovery of an illness. a brook with many fish is interpreted as a luck symbol, our cash possibly soon bubbles over. clear water promises professional and financial success, murky water or the tearing wild brook professional problems and financial losses. a small, source-fresh brook points to the bubbling over way of life of the dreamer and lets for occupation and private life only expect the best. murky, modrig smelling brook often draws the murky mood in which one is presently in the awake life, - sometimes one would also like to fish in the murky one. The state of the water level in the brook bed can provide information about how own life fulfils is, - a high water level points to a full one, lower on a mental-spiritually impoverished life which one should try anyway to change. a drained stream course reminds the dreamer of emergency times. Popular: (arab).: of the water levels of the brook marks in his shape wealth and envy of the life, - (38, 34, 5) brightly and clearly fluently: good property relations and pleasant future rich in hope, - good shops, - plan will run off without complications, - in the next time everything goes by wish, with tearing water: Bad luck and all kinds of obstacles, make clear slowly fluently: you have sluggish employees, decayed domestics, cloudily and slowly fluently: Misfortune of all kind, - worries and setbacks, cloudily fluently: you will have damage or loss, a clear brook on the house see running: good progress, a murky brook on the house see running: meant fire damage, deeply: you have wrong friends, dried out: Poverty and loss, need and heavy times, with many fish: good inheritance views, productive business, big child blessing, with blood mixes fluently: Illness and death, from / with blood see flowing: a strong loss of blood approaches, in the brook stand: Do not give the time trickle away, seize with both hands the luck, it waits for you. stand in it or have a bath: you will soon recover from an illness, see bathing in it: Luck in the play, wade: you will achieve your aim, about the brook jump: one will achieve his aim in spite of inhibitions. (European ones).: of the water levels of the brook marks in his shape wealth and unfavour of the life, clearer with quiet brook course: Health, monetary profit, luck in the business, - loyal friends, with clearly fluent water see: now all plans will go on without complications, - a quiet time without special incidents or difficulties, with tearing water: Bad luck, - riots and excitement, - also: one should not part with the responsibility for a thing, see clouding, in this sit or go: Discord, Widerwärtigkeiten, - bad shops, a brook see flowing by green meadows: happy times, a bloody brook: Illness, bendy brook course: the life runs at the moment "a little bit 'bendy", dried out: Need and privation, from a brook drink: Joy, a clear brook with many fish: a lot of luck, - one can count on additional monetary income, fish in it: shining inheritance, have a bath in one: promises for ill recovery, - now pieces of luck are possible because one can dedicate himself to the luck. (See also 'river', 'shore', 'stream (river)', 'water')