Psychologically: Here the look is directed itself in the future, in which one spiritually and materially wants to improve. Who rises on a roof, uses his head to be able to realise a rise in the life. Therefore, on a mountain rise aforesaid that one can reach the rise in a higher floor of the life only with some trouble. If a mountain is too precipitous, a plan or a just begun work can fail, - then one should use his strength better to the other plans which lighter lead to success. Popular: (arab).: see themselves, in the air: big honour expects you, climb a ladder, stair or slope easily: one can count on a success in an enterprise, with strains linkedly: Success might appear only after overcoming several difficulties, on a mountain: points to a difficult life-work which is to be mastered, to themselves the stair see climbing up: Denigration and disdain by envious people. (European ones).: easily a mountain, stair, slope: you certainly reach to the aim, - successful conclusion of an enterprise, under big strains go up a mountain, stair, slope: one is recompensed only after overcoming to several difficulties for his work, together with the dear partner scale a precipitous mountaintop: the longing for sexual climaxes awakes, on a white horse: Luck and success, on a black horse: The success which will not stop, nevertheless. (See also mountain, roof, rock, stair, leader)