Psychologically: Peach and apricot belong to few fruit symbols which refer emphatically to the bottom., For the rest, synonymous with the 'apple'. Artemidoros: Apricots call at the ripening period brief pleasures and deceptions, beyond the ripening period, however, vain strains. Popular: (arab).: see: good view, eat or own: Luck and well-being. (pers).: an ambivalent symbol: Luck in all, but bad luck in the love. In the dream to see a decayed apricot, is called that times of the privation and the renunciation approach. (European ones).: see: Profit and joy, see growing: must count in future on worries and problems, immature ones eat: an illness approaches, matures eat: Health, luck and success in the love, others see eating: are confronted with annoyance and problems from the surroundings, sell: commercial success. (ind).: you is getting late, but happily marry. (See also 'apples')