Psychologically: Like 'apple', 'plum' or 'grape' is evaluated the orange as a dear symbol and as a temptation by worldly and sensuous pleasures. Popular: (arab).: see: you strive after of wrong, shop: you will enter a new connection, peel: we must still take some trouble on ourselves, before we reach to the desired aim, eat: Dear pleasure. (European ones).: closes on joy, see: Travel urge, many matures in a tree see hanging: good views in the love, pick: the luck stands on shaky ground, with the peeling be occupied: one must still undertake some trouble, before one reaches to the desired aim, eat: one will change to the advantage, - a pleasant love affair approaches. (ind).: orange registers that one has desire for changes, for example, on a trip, pick: warns against counting too much on his luck.