Popular: (arab).: bleach and distresses: Illness, - very much bleach: heavy illness or death, thickly and red tumidly: Good lives, have very fine face: if a daughter, means to a man a son, a woman have themselves a very nice face: your son, your daughter will have a lot of luck, a nice one see general: Succeed, see a nice, in the water: long life, see yours own in the water: long life, honour. nice see in the mirror: all your wishes will come true, see yours own in the mirror: to you there approaches indisposition, make up: if disdain and mockery, women means to men admiration and success, the ugly see general: Worries come, see the very ugly, demoniacal: Death and hostility, wash: Remorse will strike you, - you regret an action, - everything becomes good again and nice, does not despair, cover: you receive bad news, - big grief waits for you, see laughing: the love and the luck wave to you, (European ones).: a healthy one: good hopes, the benevolent: our actions will succeed, the furious and ugly: Care, a laughing one: Dishonour. (ind).: in the mirror: is anxious of your health, the pale: Illness will pursue you, the ugly: take your care with patience, the nice: one will avoid you, because you are too impatient, wash: you will regret a thing and also find hearing, hide: disagreeable message will overtake you.