Association: - extreme internal turmoil, - spasmodic movements. Question: - Where in my life I am afraid before or do I strive for control? Psychologically: Expression of mental high voltage and symbol for the wish for the outbreak from the normality of own life. Attack dreams sometimes mean also a long edged out or suppressed longing for sexual ecstasy. Instead of the flowing of the orgasm and the relaxation and loose solution a sort of spasmodic attack takes place. The dreaming should learn to let go, in every situation. If, however, frightening dreams of spasmodic attacks recur, this could be a serious warning signal. It should be visited a doctor or therapist. Popular: (European ones).: It is to be seen no good sign in the dream an illness. have: suffer from bad health, - loss of the employment, others see: a lot of incommodities in your circles, released by subordinates. (See also epilepsy, faint)