Psychologically: A symbol of the movement and order (law) equally. Green traffic light: A sign of the encouragement. Who sees they can hope for the fact that a light will soon rise to him, so that he can lead to happy ending a problem or a difficult work. Red traffic light: The request, to pause to wait - just as 'in the real life'! Thus something walks around to us in the head which could indicate at a morbid state. Too quickly varying signals are a symbol for disorientation, momentary confusion. Or one has himself (under pressure?) for something decided what 'ordinarily' fails. The dream has to go bewuƟtmachen that one has taken a high risk. Popular: (arab).: a burning one: if the meaning of a forthcoming event which brings grief with itself always has. (European ones).: in general: a warning, - if one thinks furthermore only of himself will have the negative results for one, a red shining one: Stop! Care! Just! one should think over to himself his plans once again, a yellow shining one: a forthcoming event brings grief with itself, a green shining one: free journey for a planned enterprise, there disappears her light: Disappointment in view, - grief, flashing ones: Care is offered, you or another switches off the traffic light: the danger is past, improvements of the current situation soon appear, without light: secret dear luck, - joy and luck, in the bright red shining case: if growing love registers, carry traffic light on the head: Lacks of clarity, under circumstances disturbances in the brain, flower traffic light: promises pleasing presents if it shines in glad colours. (See also Burn themselves down, fire, colours)