medicine wheel: Key words: Value, - king's dignity, - good power of judgement, - protection, - good setting, - balance, - moon of the harvest. Description: The amethyst, the mineral totem of the people who are born in the moon of the harvest (from the 23rd of August to the 22nd of September) is a widespread crystalline quartz with the chromatic circle from Violet to magenta. It is a popular precious stone and component of many old pieces of jewellery. Amethyst stands as a symbol for good power of judgement, justice and courage. It means, he protects that which carries him, before black magic, bolt of lightning, hailstorms and drunkenness states, - he creates a good spiritual setting and equalises between the energy on the physical and at the spiritual level. General meaning: A valuable, maybe even very old part of your being which is equipped with good power of judgement and courage, - a warning which asks you to protect yourself. Association: - Transcendent meaning: A gift of old wisdom and/or protection. Popular: (European ones).: means health, - satisfaction by good shops, as a piece of jewellery: Peace of mind with hostility, her engagement breaks Losing a young woman an amethyst, - insults in the love follow. (See also precious stones, quartz)