Association: - Recordings, - organisation. Question: - What would like I to hold in order? Psychologically: This dream symbol often means that the dreaming is put out to mental charges, suffers from feelings of guilt or moral conflicts, or it points to a certain life insecurity. The old acts which are got out again often mean former mistakes which are not processed yet, and still load the conscience. Also the fear of discovery can be thereby expressed. If the acts threaten to crush the dreaming, this must be knew as a warning how not to forget the truth about airy-fairy ideas. If new acts are put on in the dream, this can point to the fact that the dreaming tries to win new experiences of life by learning. If the dreams of file cabinets recur, folders close etc. them by a trend too compulsive to neurotic behaviour. One wishes order at all costs, can feel fine only if one exercises the complete control of himself and others and adjusts all needs and processes. Artemidoros: Somebody dreamt, he would be involved in a process because of political offences and has lost his process acts. On the next day when the process was negotiated he was acquitted of all charges, and it was this what indicated the dream face to him, he is acquitted of all charges and needs no more process acts. Popular: (arab).: announce generally disputes which are more violent, the more acts appear in the dream, old acts are brought out, searched in it, or one is pursued by them: indicates old mistakes which still load the conscience, of these crushes or to be suffocated: one should think once again about his abstract ideas, new ones put in: one takes care of more knowledge and self-awareness, carry: you have good plans, if it follows up, they will bring success, see lying: Why you do not begin the work, already on you Li> waits