(Psychological / emotional perspective)

For time to be significant in a dream there is usually the necessity to measure it in some way, or to use a period of time as a measurement. Usually we are only aware of the passage of time – often symbolized by a clock or watch – or that a particular time is meaningful in the dream, it is part of the dream scenario.

The time in the dream may symbolize a particular period in our life as follows: the daylight hours will thus suggest our conscious waking life. Where several days (or other long periods) appear to have passed we are conscious that some other activity, which is not particularly relevant to us, has been going on in the dream.

If we think of our lives as being a day long, the hours of the day will refer to a specific time in our lives.

Thus, afternoon is a time of life when we can put our experience to good use; evening shows a more relaxed time; mid-day indicates we are fully conscious and aware of our activities.

In the morning the first part of our life or our early experience is being highlighted, whereas night may be a period of depression or secrecy. We may be introspective or simply at rest.

Twilight can indicate a period of uncertainty and possible ambivalence insofar as our direction in life is concerned.