A dream of actually holding onto your tongue with your hand, or with your teeth, is an admonition that you could be tempted to reveal too much, and it’s time to “hold your tongue.” To see someone sticking their tongue out at you means that you are more highly respected than you think.

To dream of licking or tasting food depends on the nature of the food involved.

See Taste.

If the dreamer sees a snake with its tongue flickering in and out, someone in his aura “speaks with a forked tongue,” or, in other words, isn’t being totally up front with him.

To see an animal panting with its tongue hanging out indicates that the dreamer has been moving too fast, working “hot and heavy,” and needs to stop and take time out. Dreaming of the tongue of a shoe implies that there are issues going on with you now that you don’t really understand, and thus you should reserve any comments about them until you do.