Islamic Interpretation of Dreams (Ibn-i Sirin):

(Couturier; Marriage) A tailor in a dream represents unity, a peacemaker, a scribe, a secretary, or an officiant who conducts the marriage ceremony and witnesses the signing agreement.

A tailor in a dream also represents someone who regrets his wrongdoing, or amends his conduct for the better.

To become a tailor and sew one’s own garments in a dream means struggling to build one’s livelihood.

Ifone sees himselfunable to do a good sewingjob in a dream, it means that he is trying to bring opposites together but to no avail.

Sewing a robe for a woman in a dream means that he will be afflicted with a major trial.

If one sees himself as a tailor or altering garments in a dream, it means prosperity, setting up a business venture, getting married, having a progeny, or putting things where they belong.

A tailor in a dream also represents piety and a good character.

(Also see Shoemaker; Alterations)