The meaning of money in a dream is as variable as its meaning in conscious life. Although there is some disagreement, the general consensus is that to pay, give or lend money augurs well for all that concerns you. Receiving money is also a good omen, providing it was honestly come by; it signifies security through development of your own resources. To dream of finding money is a sign of mixed blessings; your financial success will be accompanied by disappointment in its effect. Losing money in a dream is an omen of opposites; you are likely to have a windfall. To change money (as paper for coins or large denominations for small, etc.) indicates problems created by your own carelessness in the handling of your affairs. A dream of exchanging money (as for foreign currency) means an increase in material wealth. To borrow money signifies a need to retrench and could be a warning against extravagance. To spend money prophesies an unexpected profit, and to steal it predicts an unexpected stroke of luck. To dream of counting or saving money promises personal happiness providing it was not done in a miserly way.