A dream featuring this underground burrower is a straightforward sign that you are in danger of being undermined by someone you trust; you needn't be suspicious, but do be discreet. However, if you caught or killed the animal, you can expect a rise in status. Body moles are a very complex subject, and to determine their meaning in a dream, you must consider their size, shape, color and location, so only a general guide can be given here. A large mole intensifies the omen, as does a very dark color, and a small mole minimizes it, as does a very light color. A round shape signifies good luck, an oblong one indicates modest good fortune, and an angular shape foretells a mixture of ups and downs. A hairy mole portends difficulties, as does one in a left-sided position; but a mole with one hair (or only a few) modifies the forecast for the better, as does one in a right-sided location.