Although a ladder dream follows the general rule that up is good and down is not, its meaning is greatly modified by the other details and action of the dream. For instance, if you were climbing a very high ladder in your dream and reached the top, the predicted achievement will be greater than if the ladder was of medium height or low. If a rung of the ladder broke under you, you may not attain your greatest ambition, but you will achieve financial security. The disappointment signified in a dream of descending a ladder is mitigated if you used the ladder to escape from danger. If a ladder fell on you, it portends trouble ahead due to quarrels or malicious gossip; if you fell from it, you are being warned that your grasp may be greater than your reach. To walk under a ladder in your dream is, contrary to the popular superstition, a sign of good luck. If you saw a ladder break or fall, you can expect to have to contend with some unanticipated obstacles in your path. To dream of carrying a ladder indicates that you will have to come to the rescue of a relative or close friend. A dream featuring the use of a rope ladder signifies success in some activity or business venture of an unusual type. To dream of feeling dizzy on a ladder is a reminder that arrogance or overconfidence frequently goes before a fall. A dream of entering a house or other structure by way of a ladder indicates misdirected efforts; reassess your plans.