The meaning of a dream featuring a hand or hands varies greatly according to the action in the dream, but as a general guide: If the hands were dirty and/or their appearance unpleasant, it is a warning to guard against behavior that could soil your reputation. Beautiful, clean, and well-groomed hands forecast satisfaction in life. Busy and/or skillful hands predict well-earned rewards. Bent or gnarled hands signify an easement of financial worries. Waving hands indicate separation. Caressing hands are a sign of sincere love. Bloody hands are an omen of family quarrels. Washing your hands suggests you should make an effort to rectify some past injustice. Swollen hands predict an unexpected gain. Hairy hands forecast a stroke of business luck. Tied hands indicate frustrating obstacles, which in turn suggest a change of plans. A broken hand or the loss of a hand is a warning that you need to pay closer attention to your personal affairs. A bandaged hand signifies temporary setbacks. The right hand predicts carefree joy. The left hand predicts irritation and minor difficulties. Very small hands portend infidelity. Very large hands are an omen of sexual satisfaction. Children's hands are a promise of happiness. Shaking hands is a sign of reconciliation or renewed friendship.