The significance of a dream featuring the head must be determined by considering its other details, but as a general guide: A living head (your own or someone else's) is an excellent omen for all that deeply concerns you. A disembodied head predicts a new situation in which you will have to use your head rather than lose it! A small, narrow or pointed head indicates more work and less profit than expected, whereas a very large, wide or round head means the reverse. A swollen head is a warning against overconfidence. To dream of yourself (or another) having more than one head signifies a sudden gratifying rise in status. A dream of suffering pains in the head or of having a headache is telling you to keep your private affairs to yourself. To see yourself (or anyone else) with the head of an animal is a warning against overemphasis on material or sensual pleasures. Strangely enough, half a head in a dream is better than a whole one, as it forecasts achievement beyond your ambition. An accident or blow to the head suggests tension and/or overwork; try to take it easy for a while or seek out a change of scenery if possible.