The smell of gas in your dream is a warning to keep your nose out of other people's affairs. Seeing someone overcome by gas predicts news of a scandal. Lighting a gas stove or other appliance is a suggestion to economize and avoid overextension of your credit. To see a gas fire burning in a fireplace or furnace indicates a pleasing social invitation. Financial difficulties are forecast by a dream of anyone wearing a gas mask, and if you were wearing one yourself, you'd be wise to try to pacify your creditors before they cause you some real hardship. To dream of a gas man reading your meter is a warning that you could be embarrassed by someone (probably a relative) making unauthorized or unwarranted use of your credit, so don't be careless. A lighted gas lamp in your dream indicates a stroke of money luck; turning off a gas lamp or seeing one suddenly go out is a sign of coming disenchantment with a personal relationship.