(Material aspects)

A marriage or a wedding in a dream often indicates the uniting of two particular parts of us which need to come together in order to create a better whole.

For instance, the intellect and feelings – or perhaps the practical and intuitive sides – may need to be united.

To be dreaming of wearing a wedding dress is to be trying to sort out our feelings and hopes about relationships and weddings.

To be dressing someone else in a wedding dress can indicate one’s feelings of inferiority – ‘always the bridesmaid, never the bride’.

To dream of losing our wedding ring would very often symbolize a problem within a marriage, or perhaps highlight a problem in our commitment.

To dream of finding a wedding ring might well indicate that a relationship is being formed that could result in marriage.

To be attending a wedding in dreams when we are not expecting to attend one in waking life suggests that we are aware of a relationship between two people, but it has not yet registered on the conscious level.