Islamic Interpretation of Dreams (Ibn-i Sirin):

Taking an ablution and completing it by giving careful attention to details in a dream means fulfilling one’s needs.

Taking a second ablution to perform one’s prayers without the ritual need to do so in a dream means increase in one’s light.

Taking ablution with milk or honey in a dream means debts.

Ablution is a proper deed in all religions.

It is a guard, a clemency, assurance ofthe divine protection and immunity from punishment.

Taking an ablution to perform one’s prayers in a dream means entering under God’s protection against what one may fear.

It is reported in the traditions that God Almighty has said to Moses, upon whom be peace: “When you are seized by fear, take your ablution and direct your family to enter the sacrament of prayers.” Washing one’s body in a dream is either performed in preparation for prayers or to wash away impurities.

Taking ablution inside a tunnel, or taking a complete ritual bath in a dream means recovering a stolen object.

Taking one’s ablution and engaging in prayers in a dream means relief from distress and offering thanks to God Almighty for His protection and guidance.

If a merchant sees himself praying without ablution in a dream, it means that he has entered into a business venture without capital.

If a worker sees that dream, it means that he has no home to shelter him.

If a ruler sees that dream, it means that he has no soldiers to protect him.

If a sick person sees himself taking ablution while in bed in a dream, it means separation from his wife or a close friend.

Taking ablution inside one’s house in a dream means that one will move to a new house.

Taking ablution in the street or the marketplace in public or in a bathhouse in a dream means a scandal, loss and a curse.

Taking ablution at the seashore or in a proper ablution area in a dream means dispelling one’s fear, sorrow or distress.

Taking ablution while standing over a friend’s head in a dream means inheriting him.

Seeing a friend taking his ablution over one’s head in a dream means suffering harm or a scandal that will be caused by such a friend.

Taking ablution in a dream also means dispelling fears, recovering from an illness, paying one’s debts or repenting from sin.

Taking ablution with hot water in a dream means falling sick. Wanting to take ablution and failing to find the proper means to perform it in a dream means failure of a project or facing adversities.

(Also see Tayammum; Enacting; Prayers; Ritual bath)