To dream of a circle represents your life quest for excellence, unity, and fulfillment. On the other hand, it may also signify that you are having difficulties resolving a certain issue. You cannot seem to come to a satisfactory answer. You may feel as if you are at a stagnant period in your life; you aren't moving forward as planned.

To see circles within circles implies that you have built up strong walls that are very difficult for anyone to penetrate. Perhaps you should consider allowing others to see your true personality. It may also reinforce the idea that you are traveling in a continuous path and are not able to achieve your goals.

To see an imperfect circle in your dream is an indication that you may experience hardship and hurdles as you strive to reach your objectives. Be assured that your efforts will be rewarded.

To see a circle with a cross represents the world and your environment. This may lead you down a path of spiritual discovery.