To dream that you are cheating on your spouse, mate, fiance, or significant other, indicates that you have let yourself down in some way. You may have sacrificed your morals and ethics and received little or no benefits in return. It may also represent your increasing desires or fantasies regarding sex. Often, those who are about to enter into matrimony may dream about sensual encounters with other people. This may symbolize the anticipation or apprehension regarding this relationship.

To dream that your mate, spouse, or significant other is cheating on you suggests that you have anxieties about being neglected and deserted. Perhaps you don't feel as if your partner is giving you his or her complete self. On the other hand, this dream might evolve from the feeling that you are not good enough for your partner. You lack faith in yourself or others. It may also mean that you sense your companion is not revealing his or her true character or personality to you.

To dream that you are cheating at a game is an indication that you are trying to avoid certain aspects of your own personality. You don't want to admit your flaws or weaknesses.