(Psychological / emotional perspective)

To have a weapon used against us means that we have to look at how we are party to people being aggressive around us.

It may be that we have done something to upset the other person, which results in aggression, or it may be that we have put ourselves in a position of becoming the victim of circumstance. Different weapons have various meanings: an arrow indicates being pierced by some kind of powerful emotion, of being hurt by someone else through words or actions.

In order to make ourselves feel better we must turn our attention inwards.

The gun or pistol traditionally represents male sexuality and for a woman to dream of being shot often indicates her thoughts about sexual aggression.

If we are shooting the gun ourselves we may be using our masculine abilities in quite an aggressive way, in order to defend ourselves.

A knife represents the ability to cut through debris, to ‘cut into’ whatever is bothering us and to cut out the hypocrisy that perhaps is prevailing in a situation.

The sword has more than one meaning. Because of its hilt – which is a cross shape – it often represents a system of belief that is used in a powerful way. Equally it can be used to suggest spiritual strength, creating an ability to cut away the unnecessary more powerfully than the knife.

The sword when sheathed is the soul or the self in the body.